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by / on 3 November, 2022

Digital Turn: How to make your school more digital?

Last week, Forave Escola Profissional had the chance to share the We-R-Open project work and Intellectual Outputs with the participants of the ERASMUS+ staff training course “Digital Turn: How to make your school more digital?”,  in Cádiz, Spain. Colleagues from Belgium, Romania, and  Italy 
by / on 10 February, 2022


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by / on 20 January, 2022

VET Characteristics, Covid-19 & Digitalization

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for and the inequalities in the use of digital tools in all aspects of education and training. Vocational education differentiates from other educational sectors as it possesses two characteristics that can affect the way it can engage
by / on 20 July, 2021

Virtual Event “Final Practical Presentation (3rd-year students)”

On 5th July, a team of FORAVE`s administrative and management staff met to analyse and evaluate the Virtual Event “Final Practical Presentation (3rd-year students)” which took lace in May. Due to COVID19 pandemic and all its restrictions, this year’s Final Practical Presentation/Exam was organized
by / on 20 July, 2021


FORAVE has traditionally been a school technologically developed, aligned with the evolution of smart industry and the training needs of companies and one of our main aims is the training of the staff, to improve their competences regarding technologies.  Specialized in the areas of
by / on 1 July, 2021

Focus Group

Last week, some of FORAVE´s teachers participated in the project Focus Group on the digitalization of education and the structure of the project toolkit “Online VET classrooms”, an online collection of tools and learning resources that VET teachers and trainers can employ to support