The European Digital Learning Network (DLEARN), a network made of 27 different EU organizations active in the field of education and digital learning at various levels, aims to embrace the challenges brought by the digital revolution in terms of digital skills mismatch, toward an inclusive digital society.

  • The two main goals the network is promoting are:
    To develop and uptake of digital skills for every citizen, of any age, at all levels;
  • To foster digital learning, or in other words the use of ICT tools and methods to make learning more attractive, more effective, more flexible and to guarantee equal access to all.

The above-mentioned aims are characterized by 4 key-words: SHARE, CONNECT, MULTIPLY, ENHANCE.
Indeed DLEARN is a collector of practices and ideas, gathering diverse organizations in Europe to reflect, think and trigger new initiatives, toward the valorisation and the enhancement of digital learning.

The network is organized in 4 main working groups that represent the field of education and scope that DLEARN is covering through its activities:

  1. Higher education, to boost students cantered-learning settings and innovative educational methods;
  2. Adult education and youth, to promote awareness and competent exploitation of ICT within the society;
  3. Vocational education and training, to enhance digital education to overcome skills mismatch and foster innovative training model;
  4. School education, to improve – pedagogy and teaching with ICT tools and innovative practices.

The network can count on the experiences of its own staff, but also on the know-how and strong relations of the members involved that are actively committed to strength the voice of the network, as well as improve the debate and advocate with the following objectives:

  • Create ties between local organisations and European institutions, to let local needs emerge
  • Improve comprehensiveness of Transparency tools (EQF, ECVET, EQAVET) to be more understandable by citizens and organizations
  • Promote digital learning through participation in relevant working groups and interest groups at European Commission and Parliament level.

Gianluca Coppola

Founder and President

Martina Manfredda

Project Manager