Multiplier Event-PG

Date: 6th December 2022


Forave – Lousado

Short description

The Multiplier Event organized by FORAVE, on 6th December,  took place in the school facilities and was hosted by Teresa Santos, the projector coordinator.

The event was divided into 2 parts.

After the welcome by the school Director, Manuela Guimarães, Teresa Santos shared an overview of the project and the two Intellectual Outputs achieved. The IO1 was shown, and some of its parts were tested by the audience. In what regards IO2, the  training modules were summarized and a brief presentation of the platform and the activities was made. The results of the national pilotings were  also shared. Then participants shared their questions.

During the second part of the event, two short training sessions on two tools included in the Online Toolkit took place. Virgínia Dias presented the most recent features of Google Forms and Gmail, and António Mendes shared the usefulness of Genially in the construction of Escape Rooms.

Once more, there was time for questions. After that, the event evaluation was made by the participants and the event was concluded.