“Online VET classrooms” online Toolkit

During the first Intellectual Output the consortium developed an Online Toolkit for VET teachers. The toolkit consists of an online collection of tools and learning resources that VET teachers and trainers can employ to support the digital transformation of VET courses. The toolkit contributes to the effective continuation of the teaching and social activities even in the light of a lock down and reassures that students will not be deprived of qualitative education, even from distance. In addition, the toolkit provides valuable resources and tools for blended learning, that can be used in parallel with face-to-face teaching to maximize the learning outcomes even after the pandemic. The toolkit is available through the link below.

During the development of IO1:

  • 60 VET teachers and trainers attended webinars for “Online VET classrooms”
  • 50 VET teachers and trainers and 250 students participated in the “Online VET classrooms” and developed their digital skills and competences.

We R Open e-learning Course for Administrative / Support and Back Office Staff

During the second intellectual output the consortium developed an e-learning course for the administrative/ support and back office staff of VET institutions. The course covers the digital skills gaps and allows VET institutions to continue their operation, during strict mobility measures and ensure the continuation of offering their support services to students, employers and community. The e-learning course covers the need for organising services like communication with students, parents, Career days etc., using digital technologies. During the development of IO2, the partners designed and delivered an online service that serves as a Proof of Concept application. The Proof of Concept applications involved 36 staff members of the partnership’s organisations and were used as test-beds for the development of the e-learning course. Later on, the course was delivered to 60 VET staff outside the partnership.