Virtual Event “Final Practical Presentation (3rd-year students)”

On 5th July, a team of FORAVE`s administrative and management staff met to analyse and evaluate the Virtual Event “Final Practical Presentation (3rd-year students)” which took lace in May.

Due to COVID19 pandemic and all its restrictions, this year’s Final Practical Presentation/Exam was organized as a blended event. Some students and teachers were in quarantine at home, and only a few parents and companies´ representatives and exam evaluators participated physically. The virtual event involved the parents/families of students of 4 classes (TEAC 18, TMI 18, TTP18 and TG18) and 10 companies/local organizations and was broadcasted from FORAVE´s technical classrooms.

Although there was a very good participation of parents/families and companies online, some problems were identified by the participants. The internet connection, at school and at home/companies, was not stable and some delays in the streaming occurred which led to delays in the presentation order at school. There were also problems with the synchronization between Google Meet and the platform OBS. Besides these technical problems at school, the organizers of the event concluded that some parents/families did not have the digital support to attend the event or did not know how to use Google Meet.

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